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Supporting Your Business Growth by DEXIN

With our 15+ years experience Dexin group help our clients to grow their business. We take care of all your non-core activities with a cost-effective and fast service without comprimizing the quality.

Accounting and Audit Firm Singapore

We pride ourselves in our competitive rate and quality service customized to SME clients. We value knowledge and skills development and ensure our clients are duly informed of sound and timely advices.

Some of Our Esteemed Clients


  • Excellent service, knowledgeable and clear. Employees are patient and work with meticulous care. It’s such a relief to let Dexin Assurance take care of our accounting and finance matters!

    Zhou Chao Director of ACVTECH Pte Ltd
  • I was searching for reliable, experienced, knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy audit and accounting services after several years of struggling with late fines, chasing for accounts to be completed on time and AGM and Annual Returns filing with Acra. In one of my desperate search, I was informed of an audit company that an accountant I worked with and he told me to check out the audit firm myself before I make my decision to work with him.

    Manjeet Director Costsavers Travel Pte. Ltd.
  • The issue which is most striking for me when working with Zhao Yang and his team at Dexin, is their ability to understand the client’s business. To me, this is important in their capability to deliver quality audit results in a timing and productive manner.

    Bryan O’Loughlan Director Telok Partners Pte Ltd
  • Dexin Assurance is a professional, dedicated Chartered Accounting firm. We have established long term working relationship. Dexin is our important business consultant and partner, the support from their team has always been efficient, professional and reliable. Their advices are sincere and they never over promise. We strongly recommend Dexin Assurance for companies conducting business in Singapore.

    Wei Ming Director of 1-Smart Technologies Pte. Ltd.
  • Zhao Yang and his team (Dexin Assurance) performed admirably as our statutory auditor in our start-up year. He patiently worked with our accountant to review the accounts and define corrective actions. He recused himself from a meeting to maintain his independent and professional statutory standing. When complications on our side created work that exceeded his estimated quote, he promptly notified us of the overage and negotiated a fair and affordable final payment. Finally, our shareholders nominated him as statutory auditor again because his services exceeded our expectations. Thank you Zhao Yang.

    Tom Hoar Chief Executive Officer Precision Translation Tools Pte Ltd
  • Dexin Assurance has the professional knowledge and is well versed with Singapore’s local accounting, taxation and legal matters. They have provided us with professional, considerate and reliable services. Dexin’s employees are enthusiastic, service oriented and patient in handling clients. We are very pleased to work with them.

    Xiao Ming Director of Nanyang Business (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
  • Dexin always responds to our needs promptly and professionally for our accounting and secretarial queries. They have been an excellent source for various financial matters, be it accounting, audit or taxation, and their services are provided at a reasonable fee. We also feel comfortable to have them keep our secretarial records. In short, Dexin supported our growth along the way and we will continue our working relationship with Dexin.

    Jerry Lim Director Alma Contract Singapore Pte. Ltd.

What are the most important things to consider when choosing an auditing company in Singapore?

Finding the best audit company in Singapore is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as a lot of businesses would like the process to be. With so many different companies vying for the opportunity to be your audit company in Singapore, and many of them promising the moon and the stars when it comes to results and services, it can feel a little bit overwhelming to try and find the perfect option to move forward with.

By arming yourself with the inside information we highlight below, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever working with a top-flight audit company in Singapore to protect yourself, your company, and better understand your organization and how to improve your business moving forward!

Any company that is going to be coming into your operation, looking at your books, reviewing your financial documents and situation, and making recommendations for how to best improve your business will inevitably come in contact with some pretty sensitive information and data – and you’ll need to know that they can be trusted.

Work only with companies that have experience with the auditing you are looking for. Different corporate service firms throughout Singapore will inevitably have specialties, and not all of these specialties will be advantageous for you to leverage if you’re looking for something very specific from your auditors. It’s important that you find an audit company in Singapore that specializes in exactly the kind of services you are after. You’ll want to be sure that specialists, rather than generalists, are working on your project.

It is of the utmost importance that you only ever choose to work with accredited organizations when hiring an audit company in Singapore.