About Us

Established by members of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Dexin Assurance is a Singapore based forward-thinking accounting and audit firm. We provide wide range of professional services to corporates and individuals in diverse industries. Our services include amongst others: Statutory and Special Purpose Audits, Internal Audit, Financial Due Diligence, Immigration, Tax Computation, Corporate Secretarial and Accounting Services, etc.

Our professional services have supported clients ranging from family owned businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, international and multi-national companies in very diverse industries. Some of the trades our clients engaged in are: commodity trading, manufacturing, construction, shipping, investment holding, IT, education and service provider, etc.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

In helping our clients achieving their goals, we strive to provide problem solving and value creation solutions with care, professional and customized means.

Our Vision

To be one of the best medium-sized accounting firms and pride ourselves in providing premium services to wide spectrum of industries.

Why Dexin

Difference working with Dexin

With years of experience in serving SME clients, we pride ourselves in the following:

  • A competitive rate with quality service customized to SME clients
  • Fast response time and comprehensive services
  • Hands-on support to SMEs facing operational and financial hurdles with resourceful approach
  • We value knowledge and skills development and ensure our clients are duly informed of sound and timely advice
  • With our established methodology, shifting to Dexin is stress free and you will enjoy seamless transition.

To illustrate why you should choose us:

Case One.

Client A is a company in construction business. When they first approached us, they complained that their current auditors couldn’t issue audit report due to technical difficulty in applying FRS11, and they need the audit report urgently to tender for new projects. We assisted client A’s new accountant to be familiarized with construction contract accounting software, and we coached the accountant all the way until she fully understood the requirements so as to complete their accounts in compliance with FRS11. We managed to complete the audit in time for client’s submission to relevant authorities.

Case Two.

Client B had chosen us because of our competitive fees and efficient work process. With vast experience in serving SME clients, we fully understand their difficulties and streamlined our workflow to cater to their needs. Our personnel are well trained to understand all the ins and outs of dealing with SME clients. More importantly, we promise only what we can deliver. Our employee handled client with a hands-on approach and settled client’s financial issues satisfactorily. Client B received a personalized service she had never experienced before.

Case Three.

Client C had never prepared annual accounts for years due to ignorance and received summon to attend court. Albeit the short time constraint, we helped client to arrange their past years’ accounting records in order and prepared their yearly financial statements and tax computations in a most efficient way. With the documents we prepared in hand, client submitted them to the court and was discharged subsequently with a minor penalty.