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Dexin Assurance provides invaluable guidance for businesses navigating the intricate landscape of the business ecosystem in Singapore. Dexin's commitment to transparency, expertise, and adaptability makes it a strategic choice for companies seeking reliable audit services. For companies embarking on their business ventures in Singapore or overseas, choosing the right auditing partner is not just a compliance requirement; it's a pivotal decision that can shape their future success. Dexin's dedication to understanding industries and delivering exceptional audit services exemplifies the qualities necessary for seamless integration into Singapore's thriving market. For further inquiries or to explore Dexin's comprehensive audit services, please contact us, where you can access our company profile and get in touch with our experienced team.

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Our Audit Services

According to the Singapore Companies Act, unexempted private limited companies in Singapore are mandated to undergo an annual Statutory Audit.

A Gross Turnover Audit (GTO) Audit examines a Licensee's gross sales turnover per the Lease Agreement for operating a Business in Singapore.

We provide specialized audit services such as gross turnover audit, government grant certification, travel agency license renewal, cargo tonnage verification, entertainment expense assessment, agreed-upon procedures and MCST audit.ill issue a GTO audit certificate.


An increasing number of Management Corporation Strata Titles (MCST) were constituted in recent years which lead to the growing expectation of property owners and managing agents in managing strata-titled developments. Members of the management corporations of such properties are required to be equipped with the knowledge under the provisions of the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA).

The BMSMA which comes into force on 1 April 2005 provides a legal framework for MCST. Under section 45(1) of the BMSMA,

  • Subject to section 134, the books and accounts of every management corporation in respect of each financial year of the management corporation shall be subject to audit.

  • The audit of the books and accounts of a management corporation shall be carried out only by a person who is a public accountant within the meaning of the Companies Act (Cap. 50).

  • The auditor shall be appointed by the management corporation at its annual general meeting or the council of the management corporation within 90 days after the annual general meeting.

We specialize in the provision of MCST audit to diverse clientele ranging from residential (condominiums) to commercial and industrial buildings.

All travel agency licensees must submit a copy of the Audited Statement of Accounts within 6 months after the close of the company’s financial year. Submission of Audited Statement of Accounts is to allow for verification of applicants’ and licensees’ net value and financial health to ensure that they have sufficient capital to operate and not pose a risk to the traveling public.


A licensee may, for the financial year of the licensee that closes on or after 1 March 2020, submit a copy of the licensee’s financial statements certified by an independent auditor in accordance with the Singapore Standard on Review Engagements (SSRE) 2400 (Revised): Engagements to Review Historical Financial Statements instead of the copy of the licensee’s audited statement of accounts.

Our experts will work with you to meet your regulatory requirements and renew your license on time.

A construction audit is a review of various aspects of a project to ensure they are performing appropriately and in keeping with the contract. It is a crucial tool for keeping everything on track and under budget. Engaging the services of an auditor becomes more important as your construction business grows and works to meet the needs of investors or clients.


With years of construction contract audit experience, we understand the nuances of complex project and contract requirements. We can work with your company to review construction contract to address potential contract compliance issues; and develop a self-auditing process to proactively address these issues.

Our audit procedures extend beyond a cursory check to ensure guidelines and specifications are followed. We provide a full audit service including structured reviews throughout the construction process while focusing heavily on keeping project costs within budget.

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