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The Dexin Gross Turnover (GTO) Audit evaluates the licensee's gross sales turnover in accordance with the lease agreement for the operation of a Singapore-based business.

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Gross Turnover (GTO) Audit


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A Gross Turnover Audit (GTO Audit) is a specialized audit performed on the schedule of gross sales turnover provided by the Licensee. This audit covers all licensable activities specified in the Lease Agreement for operating a business in Singapore, which the Licensor authorizes. Operating in major shopping centers, retailers, and commercial real estate agents are required to undergo this audit. The audit is conducted to verify adherence to the Licensor's stipulations concerning the calculation of the yearly license charge.

According to the tenancy agreement between the landlord and tenant, the tenant must submit an auditor-certified monthly sales report within a specified period from the tenant's financial year end or as requested by the landlord. The certified report, confirming the sales figures for the relevant period, necessitates the appointment of an auditor by the licensee/tenant. The auditor's certified report serves as conclusive evidence that the financial statements accurately represent the monthly gross sales turnover.

Have you been asked by your landlord for a Statement of Gross Turnover? A requirement outlined in the majority of tenancy agreements between landlords and tenants is the annual submission of a Statement of Gross Turnover, which has been audited by a certified public accountant. A fraction of the rent paid by retail establishments and commercial real estate agents operating within shopping centers is calculated according to a percentage of their gross turnover.

The benefits of carrying out a GTO Audit include:

1. It ensures clarity and compliance with the stipulations of the lease agreement.
2. The financial statement contains an accurate and comprehensive figure representing gross sales, in which the landlord can have a reasonable degree of confidence to determine the monthly rental amount.
3. Tenant can claim back the rental deposit with a GTO audit report.

  1. Obtain gross sales information including starting and ending dates of the sales period, lease agreement, and monthly sales schedule.

  2. Our audit associate will come down for the audit. Or you can provide POS sales receipts/till rolls/bank in slip/NETS or credit card printout electronically.

  3. Enquire and perform walk-through tests to understand the sales transaction workflow; perform audit vouching on a sampling basis and report findings.

  4. When the inspection is completed, we will issue a GTO audit certificate.


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